If you’ve ever tried to prop up your iPhone with a balled-up sweater, stock of rocks from the Canadian Shield or cans of soup, you know it doesn’t work very well.

This handy case is perfect for low-light photography, timelapse and family portraits. Simply slide your phone into the pressure sensitive rubber protective bumpers, then attach it to any standard thread tripod. The tripod doesn’t come with this piece, but they are cheap and easy to find.

This is super handy while using Facetime. It eliminates the jiggles, which can be very irritating. Here’s another Facetime tip. If you happen to be beyond a certain age and sporting a wee bit of a double chin, DO NOT hold your phone below face level. Trust me on this one; it’s not a good look. The mount and trip can place the iPhone at a more flattering level.

It’s compatible with iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS and 3G.

Price: $19.95

Where to Buy:  Henry’s or your local camera shop

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